Welcome to the beginning of NCAN’s work to Reimage Aid Design and Delivery. What exactly does that mean? This means over the next two months NCAN will gather feedback to inform our RADD project (more detail here). As part of that work, NCAN will use this blog to ask for feedback on the federal financial aid system. In September, we’ll focus on the barriers in the current financial aid system. In October, we’ll discuss what principles policymakers should use when removing the barriers.

Each week, NCAN will post a new question or topic to this blog and ask for members and partners to provide feedback. The primary response form below is through Facebook. Not everyone has Facebook, so you can also contact NCAN directly by emailing Carrie Warick at warickc@collegeaccess.org.

Today, let’s start with a general question to get things started. What are the three biggest barriers in the current financial aid system to low-income students accessing and/or succeeding in higher education? Think broadly about this – beyond just the size of Pell grants or the length of the FAFSA – to larger system structures such as the timeline for aid, changing national priorities, or not commonly discussed challenges on the ground.